There are 80 million individuals in the Central Region of the United States who need greater access to the gospel. The 80PlusMillion movement is a gathering of believers, churches, and districts in the Christian and Missionary Alliance who are passionate about sharing Christ and creating disciples.

What is the Central Region of the Alliance?

The Central Region of the Alliance is made up of 9 districts and 2 ethnic associations. In our region, there are around 170,000 people in over 600 C&MA churches.

As a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family of churches, we will have a much greater impact on the 80 plus million people in our regional sphere of influence by working together. Collaboration starts by possessing shared mandate, strategies, values, and outcomes.

What are we for

We exist for the evangelization of the 80million and the discipleship of the responsive.

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To tenaciously pursue the evangelization of 80 plus million people and the discipleship of the responsive.

This pursuit will be catalyzed through an infectious and effective culture built around the core elements of Divine expectation and engagement, Disciple-making, Leadership development, Mobilized ministries, and Church planting. 

Implementation of pipelines that draw, develop, and deploy around areas of the cultural core.

Green House Environments – intentional environments that catalyze the holistic development and strategic deployment of emerging leaders called to greater Kingdom impact.

Partnership with District initiatives that help the region achieve the shared mandate and outcomes.

Holy Spirit Dependence – God-sized work done in deep dependence

Collective Ownership – shared responsibility of our regional geography and strategies

Multiculturalism – diversity which allows us to reach the 80+ and beyond

Utilization of the Ordinary – kingdom deployment of ordinary people, places, and ministries

Tenacious Pursuit – intentional and aggressive realization of agreed-upon outcomes

Appropriate Deployment – enhanced productivity and mitigating devastation

Deep and Wide Collaboration – sharing everything within and beyond the C&MA

Multiplication – exponential increase

Disciple Making Pipeline

  • Transformation into the Character and Priorities of Christ
  • Culture and practice of ongoing disciple-making
  • Kingdom and multi-cultural oriented lifestyle

Emerging Leadership Pipeline

  • Comprehensive Health
  • Spiritual Intimacy
  • Self-awareness
  • Character
  • Disciplines
  • Knowledge
  • Competencies
  • Proper deployment

Mobilized Ministry Pipeline

  • Culture and practice of Divine expectation and engagement
  • Culture and practice of healthy interdependent plurality of leadership
  • Culture and practice of balanced ministry (reaching, discipling, equipping, adoring)
  • Culture and practice of directional clarity, ownership, and engagement
  • Culture and practice of multiplication (disciples, leaders, missional presence, planting)
  • Culture and practice of clarity and fruitful engagement of Acts 1.8 environments
  • Culture and practice of deep and wide Kingdom collaboration

Church Planting Pipeline

  • Healthy individuals and teams appropriately assessed, developed and deployed
  • Churches and collaborations engaged in church planting
  • Church plants reflecting the outcomes of mobilized ministries