What is GHE?

Greenhouse Environments are 2-year residency experiences that provide broad ministry exposure and holistic development for men and women who are called to serve in the expansion of God’s Kingdom.¬†

The Greenhouse Environment is the perfect next step for those looking to deepen their development after college or those who feel called to ministry but don’t know where to start.

In the Greenhouse Environment:

You Will Discover

how God has uniquely created you and called you while being mentored by experienced pastors and leaders. You will learn how to best use your strengths and how to carefully navigate your weaknesses.

You Will Develop

your ability to serve effectively in ministry. You will receive broad ministry exposure and be challenged to grow in areas of ministry that may be a struggle. You will be trusted to lead ministry work  under the supervision of experienced ministry leaders.

You Will Deploy

into lifelong effective ministry. After your 2 years in the Greenhouse Environment, you will be ready for deployment as a kingdom leader in The Christian and Missionary Alliance – ready to share the gospel of Jesus and make disciples!