What is a GHE?

GHEs are intentional environments that catalyze the holistic development and strategic deployment of emerging leaders called to greater kingdom impact.

Why are we doing GHEs?

The Central Region of the Alliance has a mandate from Jesus to tenaciously pursue the evangelization of the 80 plus million people who live in the middle portion of America and to disciple the responsive. To effectively live out this mandate, we must very intentionally raise up leaders committed to greater kingdom impact. One of our region’s shared strategies to reach the 80 plus million is the use of Greenhouse Environments.

Qualifying Marks to be a GHE

Deeply Residing Culture And Practice Of:

Divine expectation and engagement

There is a deep realization that apart from Christ there is nothing of eternal value that we can accomplish. There is a profound sense that God is at work and that He will make Himself known in real and powerful, life-transforming ways as the people of God earnestly engage with Him, listen for His voice and go about Kingdom work with great expectation that God will accomplish more than all we could ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:20

Healthy interdependent plurality of leadership

Leadership in the Kingdom is not limited to one or two at the top of a hierarchical system; rather, effective Kingdom leadership is lived out among a larger number of leaders working in tandem according to their gifting within productive, healthy, relational environments where there is balance in diversity according to Ephesians 4:11.

Balanced ministry (reaching, discipling, equipping, adoring)

Every Kingdom ministry must focus on all four aspects—reaching the lost, discipling the found, equipping the saints, and fostering adoration of God. If ever these aspects become unbalanced, the ministry will cease to bear the kind of fruit it is supposed to bear.

Directional clarity, ownership, engagement

Having exceptional clarity of what God has called the environment to be and do allows others to take ownership in the adventure. What people own people love, care for and engage in. Acts 4:32

Multiplication (disciples, leaders, missional presence, planting)

Built into everything that is done is an expectation of multiplied increase. The focal points of multiplication are in the areas of disciples, leaders, missional presence and church planting. There is a distinction between addition and multiplication that must be evident as a result of everyone embracing and engaged in multiplication.

Clarity and fruitful engagement of Acts 1:8 environments

The environment is able to clearly identify and articulate their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth that the Lord has called them to and can show how they are regularly, intentionally and fruitfully engaged in those areas. Acts 1:8

Kingdom collaboration

Transformational Kingdom impact is the result of embracing and practicing partnership with others on mission, both in the C&MA and beyond.

Philosophical Alignment

  • Fully embrace regional mandate, values, strategies and outcomes
  • Be willing to release the GHE Resident

Personnel Qualifiers (these are roles that need to be explored in a GHE)

  • GHE Coordinator
  • Mentor Couple/Single
  • Host Couple/Single
  • Experienced Ministry Leaders
  • Friends/Peers
  • Co-Resident – optional

Capacity Qualifiers (the GHE must have the time and ability to do these)

  • Invest in Resident
  • Engage Resident in multiple and balanced ministry
  • Train Resident
  • Evaluate Resident
  • Assist in strategic deployment of Resident

Resource Qualifiers (provided either directly or indirectly by the GHE)

  • Finances
  • Salary/subsidy/stipend
  • Ministry expenses
  • Bi-vocational opportunities (we strongly encourage this as a valuable development aspect even if supplemental income is not needed)
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Health Insurance
  • Housing

How to Become a GHE


1. Identify

  • Does your church have a heart for kingdom advancement?
  • Do your leaders have margin to invest in emerging leaders?
  • Does your church exhibit a healthy, passionate disciplemaking environment?
  • Is your church willing to invest its resources in the formation of emerging kingdom leaders?

2. Apply

  • Let your district office know you want to be a GHE.
  • Go to 80plusmillion.org/GHE and fill out the application form.
  • Host district representatives for an onsite interview before final approval.

3. Train

4. Place

  • Partner with district leadership to find the GHE Resident that will be the best fit for your GHE.

Click here to apply to be a Greenhouse Environment